Two situations in which you should use flower delivery services


Here are two situations in which you should use flower delivery services.

You want to give flowers to someone who lives in a remote area

If you'd like to give some flowers to someone who lives in a remote area, then you should have the flowers delivered by the flower company you order them from, rather than delivering them yourself. The reason for this is that if a person lives somewhere remote, it may take quite a while to reach them by car, and if the flowers aren't stowed in a specialist delivery van for this long journey, they'll probably get damaged.

For example, if you buy the flowers yourself and transport them in your own vehicle, the changing temperature in your car (as a result of switching the air conditioner or heating off or on, as well as closing or opening the windows), might lead to the flowers looking wilted when you arrive and give them to the recipient. Furthermore, if you open the windows, the draught might result in some of the petals being blown off.

In contrast, if the flowers are stored in the florist's delivery van, which will most likely have a temperature-controlled, draughtproof storage area, the flowers will look as lovely when they are handed to the recipient as they did when they first left the flower shop, even if the journey the delivery driver took was very long.

You cannot attend a funeral but want to offer your sympathies

If are unable to attend a funeral, then one of the nicest ways to offer your sympathies is by giving the deceased's family some beautiful flowers. If you're not attending because, for example, you're ill and don't have the energy to drop off the flowers or because you won't be available on the date of the funeral, then the best thing to do is to have the flowers delivered. Having a bouquet delivered will also give you the chance to include a heartfelt note, instead of having to send a sympathy card separately.

When placing your order for the bouquet, you should ensure that the florist is aware that they are funeral flowers (if you don't opt for a specialist funeral wreath, this might not be apparent) so that they can then instruct their delivery driver to be sensitive to the situation when they're handing over the flowers and not be too chatty or jovial.


13 October 2021

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