How to choose the best ear piercing and jewellery supplier


Piercing ears and other parts of the body has long been both a fashion statement and an opportunity to display your individuality and personality. By choosing which parts of the body to pierce and how to best display those piercings, it is possible to make a positive statement about the image you want to present to the world and how you feel about your own body. When you want to offer body piercing kits and jewellery to your customers, then it is important that you not only find a supplier who is able to provide a great choice of jewellery, but that you ensure that everything they sell will be of good quality and will represent your brand well.

Jewellery product range

When you need to find ear piercing jewellery suppliers, then the range of products they sell is going to be high on your list of priorities. When searching for ear piercing jewellery suppliers you must ensure that they are able to offer a full range of products in a wide range of colours and materials. Do they have gold jewellery, what about sterling silver, BioFlex, Blacksteel, and acrylic UV? Do they stock belly button rings and nose rings as well as earrings? It is important that you are able to purchase a great choice of items to offer to your own customers.

Quality of materials

It isn't enough that ear piercing jewellery suppliers state that their body jewellery is made of a particular metal such as gold, steel or titanium. There are still variations in the quality of each of these metals, and you will need to be sure that what you are buying is quality jewellery that will enhance the value of your brand and not cause people to associate you with cheap, low-quality goods. Look for signs such as G23 titanium, 18KT gold or surgical-grade steel to make sure you are buying jewellery that is going to last.

Ear piercing kits

If you are going to supply piercing kits then you will need evidence that the kits pose no risk to your customers. Choose only a supplier who offers branded and tested ear piercing kits that you can be sure are safe and capable of creating a high-quality piercing. You should also find out if they offer any other piercing equipment such as pliers, forceps, and catheter piercing needles or whether everything you need is included in the kit?

If you are not sure whether a particular supplier is the right fit for your business, then discuss your requirements with them and see whether they are able to satisfy any concerns you may have. A good supplier will always be willing to help you make the best choice for your business.


24 October 2019

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