How to Protect Your Breakables When Flying Somewhere


While you might enjoy visiting new places, going to the airport and experiencing the rigmarole of flying somewhere is something that is not quite as enjoyable. If you are travelling with breakable or fragile items such as ceramics or glass, the flight can be that much more stressful because you'll no doubt be worried about your items making it to their final destination in one piece. So what can you do to protect breakable items and travel with less worry?

Invest in hard shell luggage. When travelling with breakables, hard shell luggage is a must. Shop for hard shell luggage online because you can easily peruse the different options from the comfort of your armchair. Aluminium and hard plastics are good choices because while they are durable, they are also lightweight materials, easy to wheel around the airport. Hard shell luggage is important because there is less chance of something outside of the case penetrating the luggage shell and potentially damaging your valuable objects. The items will be nearly impervious to anything outside of the case itself.

Pack breakables in the centre. You need to have a packing strategy when you are packing a suitcase with breakables. On the edges of the case, you should have hard items – things like shoes and books. As you move toward the centre, there should be soft items such as your clothes that can act as buffers for breakable items that should sit right at the centre of your case. If ceramics and glassware sit in the centre, they will be protected by those soft clothes, and also, they won't be bashed against the edge of the case if air stewards handle your cases roughly.

Pack breakables within hand luggage. After you check-in your luggage at the airport, your bags go through an ordeal. They get thrown on to the trolley that transports them to the plane, they are then thrown on to the plane, and when you reach your destination, they are thrown on to the conveyor belt too. All of this movement is not ideal when you are travelling with breakables, but you can avoid this if you re-arrange your luggage a little so that all your breakables go into your cabin bag. Then you can control the movement of your bags yourself and keep an eye on them right throughout your flight.

Follow these tips, and you and your breakables will arrive at your destination in one piece. Look for dependable luggage like Antler luggage online.


29 March 2016

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