Common Mistakes Made By Those Ordering Rugby Jerseys Online


When you need to order rugby jerseys for a team, you may want to shop online. There are many companies that can produce these jerseys from designs you upload and which allow you to customize them as you prefer, which makes them a good choice for something convenient. However, when you do order your jerseys online, you want to ensure you take the time to shop and know what's involved in the process. Since you can't see the jerseys in person until you purchase them and have them delivered, it's good to know some common mistakes to avoid. This will ensure you're happy with the finished product.

1. Choosing a complicated logo design

Very often a jersey company will need to replicate the logo design you choose, and then it gets printed onto fabric in order to be part of your jersey. If the design is very complicated with lots of details and custom colors, it can be difficult for a company to replicate it exactly. This may result in a logo that doesn't look like what you expected, or you may face additional charges from your online company. Consider a simple logo that incorporates important features of your team name or mascot, but forego excessive design details when you order jerseys online.

2. Choosing personalized, very unique colors

As with a logo, the colors you choose for your jersey need to be replicated by a clothing manufacturer. Most clothing manufacturers will have a standard number of fabric dyes and will know how to mix them to come up with a variety of standard colors, but when you opt for something very personalized and very unique, this can make it difficult for them to create that mixture. As with a detailed logo, you may be disappointed in the color they created for you or may need to pay extra for a precise color match. Try to stick with standard, primary colors with only slight variations when needed.

3. Not knowing the difference between sport and casual jerseys

An online company may not give you recommendations as to the types of jerseys you should choose and may simply offer as many varieties and options as possible. In turn, you may not realize the difference between sport jerseys and casual jerseys; sport jerseys are for comfort and durability when on the field, whereas casual jerseys are meant to be stylish for everyday wear. A sport jersey may have no collar so that sweat and heat don't collect around a player's neck, whereas a casual jersey may have a thick collar and may be made with a much less durable fabric. Understand these differences when ordering jerseys online.


23 March 2016

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