Securing the point of sale operating system for a retail store

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Cyber-attacks on the computer-oriented operating systems are changing constantly. It is important for you to ensure that your business and clients are secure from fraudsters looking to make money by infiltrating your system. The operating system relays information between the barcode reader, the monitor, and the credit card chips used to pay for goods by the customers. As you look to run a fraud-free retail business, here are few things you should know about the security of the operating system:

The anatomy of the attacks

Attacks against the software on your point of sale system often comprise several stages. Therefore, you have to identify these stages and secure any point that your system seems to be vulnerable. The four stages of attack are infiltration, traversal of your network, capturing of data in the system, and the exfiltration.

Infiltration is the initial stage. The person with unauthorised entry hacks into the system and begins to manipulate data to derail cashiers or steal for the customers' credit cards. They can do this by cracking the passcodes used to secure the system or through computer viruses that issue various commands to the computers in use.

You can secure the operating system against infiltration using anti-virus applications, firewall protection, and antispyware. This will help secure against any attempts to break into the system by a person who is not authorised to do so.

 In case the hacker is able to infiltrate into the system, they have to traverse the network, understand how you are using your point of sale software before they are able to steal from you or your clients. However, you can have the technicians install a network threat protection that analyses the incoming data in the system and blocks any elements that threaten your system.

The final layer of protection shields against the exfiltration of data by the intruders. Passwords and firewalls also come in handy at this stage. You can have multi-layered passwords to protect the outgoing data at various stages. For instance, the fraudster will require a password for the outgoing data sent by the barcode reader and a different password for the data shown by the monitor. Securing every stage of the data output makes it hard for the fraudulent to progress from one stage to another.

Isolating your point of sale software

When setting up the point of sale system, ask your technicians to separate the point of sale system from the other computerised systems in the firm. This will make it easy for you to monitor the system and reduce the vulnerabilities involved. For more information, talk to a professional like Austech Weighing Pty Ltd.


25 January 2016

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